Thursday, October 20, 2016

What I Have Been Up To Lately!!


A Whole Lot of This and That!

 The day we got the keys!!

We celebrated our one year houseaversary this past week! I can not believe it has been one year. It has been a wonderful year for us both and we feel grateful every day that we get to live in this wonderful community.

The first thing on our agenda this past year was to get our backyard in and it is thriving and we enjoy seeing green out our window every single day.

Inside the house we really have not added any personal touches other than our furnishings. Until recently, my sweet hubby began a project that I have been very excited about.

I wrote about it in my last blog post. Well this week the sconces above the mantel were installed by the electrician and to say this girl is delighted is an understatement. I am giddy!!

 It all turned out just as I had envisioned it. The glow they add to the room at night makes it feel like home sweet home.....

Next in line will be the molding around the niche. He is waiting for a special saw to arrive so he can start the next project. It is all in the details that make a home uniquely your own.

This past week we also celebrated my birthday which turned out to be a week long celebration. 

How often does your hubby say, "Let's go shopping!?" Not that often ! He was such a trooper as I shopped, coordinated and made some big decisions. Okay NOT big decisions, but kind of big to me, at least.

I felt like a spoiled princess to say the least. We had fun and we took our time and I think I made some really good purchases. 

I feel like I have a nice Fall wardrobe now. Here is a little hint of the color capsule that evolved for my Fall wardrobe.....


I promise I will write more about what I purchased in upcoming post.

Can you believe it is only 11 days away from Halloween. October has already zoomed by. 

This year for Fall decor in our home I have used all white pumpkins in different sizes. I also have two larger green and white pumpkins that I used as well.

 I used these throughout our home, inside and out.

This little planter will greet you as you walk up to our home.

 As you come to the door we have this hanging on our wall. We had one very similar at our previous home and I just had to have one here, at our new home.

Keeping it simple I used the large green and white pumpkin in the entry. I placed it in a dark brown basket to mimic the basket texture in the oil painting.

The next area I addressed was in our kitchen dinette on the low boy where I used the other larger pumpkin and a vase full of fresh eucalyptus.....

Still keeping it simple with green and whites and baskets. Notice how I am repeating the elements? Repeating elements will give a nice visual flow when you are adding decorative elements, especially for Holiday or seasonal decor.

Next is the great room where I added three pumpkins to the mantel and a group of baby boos and candles sitting on a zinc tray under the TV.

Originally I had the baby boos and the candles arranged on the mantel, but once the sconces were installed it just became too busy to my eye so I switched them out. Here are the two different versions so you can see why it made more sense to simplify the mantels composition...

Here is the entire wall so you can see how the mantel and the TV niche read as one unit and therefore have to be treated as such......


I  have  been planning this years Christmas decor.  Trust me I am not one that rushes from one Holiday or event to the next, I love to enjoy the moments of each. 

However, I am a planner and it takes me time to dream about what I want to do. I think I enjoy the planning process and sourcing more than anything. Last years color scheme and elements were.....


This year is going to be a softer, lighter version of last years color scheme......


As it evolves I will do a post so you can follow along with my process.

So this is what I have been up to lately and enjoying every minute of it!!!

As always.......

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

NEW HOUSE UPDATE: Mirror Paint and Molding

We are starting to add our personal touches to our new home, and it feels so good to be able to start this process.

 Before New Mirror

Recently we purchased a new mirror for over the mantel in the Great room. It was a mirror I had admired for months and it was on sale for a great price.

I knew that the mirror would have to be painted  because as pretty as the finish was, it was just not right for our environment. 

I had a couple things to think about before painting my new mirror........

Did I want it to stand out and be the focal point?
Did I want it to look integral to the fireplace mantel and TV niche?

If I wanted it to be a focal point then it should be painted a darker color. The colors that ran thru my mind were....

Black which is an obvious choice with my decor......

I also thought of Cobalt blue....

Obviously not the same mirror, but I wanted you to have a visual  of the color.

Kelly Green...........

All three colors would work beautifully in my room if I want the mirror to stand out and be a focal point.

This is where you have to think a little deeper than just the mirror or the fireplace wall.  

This is also where I see many homeowners make a mistake. They ONLY look at the project they are working on and not how it will flow with the rest of the room or the house.

You HAVE TO always keep in mind.....

The overall look and feel of your entire home and
the flow in the room.

Our home has a classic, clean, simple Hamptons vibe so I need to have a classic, yet simple look.

Since this mirror was tall and thin measuring 31w X 41h I knew I needed to add some molding around it . At first I thought I would follow the lines of the mirror, something like this.....

My son and DIL did something like this in their home and it was beautiful and would work with my mirror.

Now comes the important part!!!

This is a pretty formal look and since I am going to be adding other moldings in my home, how will it marry to the overall feel and look that I am planning on?

Now if I were JUST thinking of this one wall and one room, it would be perfect, BUT remember I am keeping in mind the future look of my entire home.

This is where planning is so important. Otherwise you can get a home with a mix bag of goodies and styles that looks like a hot mess and has no continuity.

Remember the buzz words..... Classic, Simple, Clean.

Lots to think about and lots going on in my designing brain, but all necessary thoughts.

So here is what I came up with......

Since the fireplace and TV niche read as one wall I wanted the mirror to look integral to the fireplace so I chose a white on white look......

The sconces will be moved once the molding is in place.

Now came time for the molding choice. Oh my!! there are sooooo many choices to choose from. 

Remember I am trying to keep a nice flow going throughout my home so I had to figure out how I wanted to address the TV niche as well.

There were other elements to consider as well.... there will be a crown molding and a top treatment above all of the windows. That is a lot of lines going on so I had better keep it simple since I like a clean look.

We decided that we will treat the  TV niche surround as if it were a door, and use a wide casing that matches our existing door casings.

 With that in mind I chose a smaller version of the casing to go around the mirror. The trim had to be fairly wide in order to be in proportion to the mirror's frame so I chose a 2 1/2" molding......

The molding on the right was the winner!!

Here it is!!! I am beyond pleased with the results and I am looking forward to the next steps..

Installing sconces
Installing molding around niche


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


   Keep It Simple, Keep it Natural


To add texture and warmth with the additions of a few Autumn touches.

There are copious amounts of Fall home tours going around blog land right now and it is a great way to get ideas and inspiration that you might apply to your own home.

I have seen the:


 There is nothing worse than when a home's decor looks as if it should have price tags on everything. Also remember not everything requires a bow!!

Of course it is all subjective, and I am a self-proclaimed a less is more, big is better kind of gal when it comes to decor. 

If you are a more is more kind of gal, please don't take offense to my methods, it is just what works for me and what I'd like to share with you today.

 My perspective comes from let's keep it simple and natural as possible.

Seasonal decorating can be tricky because it is so easy to get carried away. 

We have so many offerings out there, and social media and the internet has opened up so many opportunities in the decorating world.

The very first thing you need to do is to remove all the accessories in your room so you have a clean slate. 

Then slowly move the larger additions you would like to add, and create your layers, always keeping in mind less is more, and you don't have to have everything you own out all at once. 

I have a few guidelines that I use when doing seasonal decorating.

1. Keep it simple
2. Use natural elements whenever possible
3. Choose 3 different areas in your home to decorate.
4. Just like on the stage, there should only be one star in a room 
5. Repeat elements to give continuity to your home, I like to use 2- 3 main elements in my Fall decor.



Tone on Tone  ornamental Kale and white pumpkins♥♥♥:

My home


Antler and White Pumpkin Tablescape:





Wheat bundle.....did you know that wheat is a symbol for prosperity?  I hope each and every person who sees this is blessed with great prosperity!!:

Dining Room Bench - Fall - Rustic and Woven:


I am going to show you a little contrast here. The first mantel is what I would call simple, natural and tasteful Fall decor. The second mantel is in the, "Let's put a price tag on this stuff and sell it!"

The Don't Do This!!
You will notice the only thing natural in this arrangement are the candles. They could have saved themselves so much money and work by doing something simple and natural.

 If you need a little help in doing your mantel I have a step by step blog post that can help you out. 


What I mean by this is if you have a dining room attached to your kitchen decide where you will put the Fall decor, the table , island or counters. If you have Fall decor everywhere, the eye will be bouncing around the room and not be able to relax and enjoy the view.

The same for your living room or Great room. If you want the mantel to be the focal point then you should keep the coffee table and end tables very simple.

Remember to always enter your room and stand back to see if the eye flows seamlessly or if you have moments of jumping around from one area to another. Your home should have a flow and continuity.

Sharing one of my favorite signs again from @charlie.and.ella. dining room:

Of course these are all just guidelines and methods that I have found that work for me over the years.  
Nothing in design is ever in cement or an absolute.
Use your own discretion and keep in mind at all times the look and feel you want your home to have. 
Keep in mind........
You will have to put away ALL the stuff you put out in order to do your Christmas decorating. Ho-Hum sigh!! That just might be what puts a limit on the more is more look!!