Friday, May 19, 2017

Pumping Up Your Wardrobe With Statement Earrings!

With each new season I like to pump up my current wardrobe with some new and fresh looks.

In my looking at some of the outfits I like I was noticing a recurring theme in what was making even a basic outfit look in style for this season.

It was all about the accessories!!

The statement earring
Great looking bracelets
Statement necklaces
Mules or slide shoes
Great looking purses.

30 Statement Earrings That Will Make Your Outfit Instantly Chic #theeverygirl:
The two accessories that I seemed to notice the most that made even the simplest of outfits look current and complete were earrings and shoes.

I started thinking about the most basic of outfits, jeans and simple or plain tops and what would elevate these pieces into an outfit that was fresh and current.

Simple? Yes, fun and current?YES!!

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We have all worn something similar to this, but look at those great earrings, now all of the sudden the basics become elevated.

Elements of Style Blog | Fashion Friday: Spring Dressing With Halsbrook (and A Big Sale!) |  

I won't wear an off the shoulder top, but I definitely wear my share of white blouses or t-shirts. Just the addition of the fun bubble earrings makes this look like an in style outfit! 

An even more casual outfit that includes skinny blue jeans, a gray sporty sweater and blue electric brogues. Style it up with statement earrings, an oversized leather bag, a sleek ponytail and a classic coat in camel or gray.:


Am I making a believer out of you yet?

"Relaxed & Making A Statement" by angela-reiss ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Victoria's Secret, J.Crew, Zara, BaubleBar, Rare London and Karen Walker:

 I see somewhat of a formula developing here. If you look at most of the above outfits. They keep one of accessories neutral, like a sandal or a purse. If the earring has a bit of color in it, they try to put one of the colors in the form of a shoe.

Let me point out here that you want one star and one understudy. In this case the star is the statement earring and it's under study is the shoe.


Wearing a statement earring is really out of my comfort zone. On any given day if you were to see me, I would have on my pearl studs, gold bangle bracelet and wedding ring which is also gold.

Sometimes it is good to step out of our comfort zone and try something new.

Now I am ready to choose a few pairs of statement earrings. 

Things to keep in mind.....


This chart can be helpful in selecting the right shape for the shape of your face......


 As far as size goes, I found I like nothing too long, something right around 2in. or less.

Color choices are easy for me because I seem to work with cobalts, navy, black and white, yellow, pink and green.

Here is a selection of earrings that could work in my existing wardrobe. I tried to keep all of my selections under $50.....

All of these can work for me so now I will compare sizes and prices. Then I will tell myself.....

Remember the main goal is to have fun with your wardrobe and to try new things. Can you see yourself wearing any of the above earrings?


Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Mother Of All Mothers Gives Gifts Too!!

Since it is Mother's day weekend I thought I would share with you what MOTHER NATURE has been up to at our house.

See this planter.....

This is on our homes front porch! Now if you look very very closely you can see this.....

The start of a perfect little birds nest made by these two......

House finch!

They took about 3 days to build the nest, first the sides, then the bottom, then they added some soft fluff. Next came......

Awwww our very first little birds nest and egg in our new home. What a gift from Mother Nature!!

For the next 4 days....

Day 2 

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

She is done laying her brood and now she will sit on them for 11-12 days and then we will get to see some little birds. We are so happy and excited about this gift from Mother Nature!!!

We also had another surprise from Mother Nature this week....

The bloom is 8 1/2 in. in diameter. I measured it because I could not believe how large they are...

 Mother Nature sure does a nice job doesn't she!?

Since we are celebrating Mother's day on Sunday I would like to wish you all a very happy Mothers Day!!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Spring/Summer Tops For My Wardrobe!!

"How To Make Your Wardrobe
 Go Further and Work for YOU!!"

When it comes to purchasing clothing pieces for my wardrobe I like to stick to a rule I use to use all the way back in high school........

I learned early on that this helped my wardrobe work for me and go further. 

It is basically the same concept and idea that the capsule wardrobes use. Basically using base colors and adding accents that will make your wardrobe go further with less pieces.

My wardrobe is kind of like my home, black, white, blue, pink, yellow, kelly green. I like solids, stripes and checks the best as far as patterns go. 

I am pretty predictable, but I do have fun mixing things up with some fun colors.

Here I am in bright yellow pants, kelly green patent belt and cobalt gingham blouse and cardigan. I had on cobalt patent flats.

I am not afraid of color as you can see!

Recently I did a little retail therapy. I had noticed I was lacking in Spring/Summer tops. Talbot's was having a great sale so I went there since they seem to carry a classic preppy style that I love.

One top I really needed was a plain white top with a little bit of a dressy look so I could wear it with pants, shorts, or skirts.

This top fits so well and is so comfy. It has a spandex lining in the front so it holds it's shape beautifully. It hits at just the right point to look fresh and current and not frumpy. I loved it so much I also got it in cobalt/navy blue....

Both tops will go with so many pieces in my wardrobe, these are definitely a good buy for me.

Next I purchased another striped top, like I don't have enough in my wardrobe! However this one has some fun embellishments on it.

 I can wear it with my light yellow pants, bright yellow pants, pink pants, kelly green shorts, navy and white shorts. You get the picture, I have lots to wear with it!!

I wish you could see the sparkle in the picture, but you will have to trust me on this, there is a bit of sparkle and I love it!!

This next top was a fun surprise for me. The surprise was how it fit and how slimming it was and trust me I need all the help in that area I can get.

 Yellow is a color I wear often and enjoy wearing. This will be fun with navy, white, or black and white print shorts, or cobalt checked shorts or blue and white striped ankle pants. Again, you can see I have lots to wear with this. I can also wear it with skirts as well. Lots of possibilities!!

This has such a great fit and I know I will wear it  a lot!!

I also got it in a print called Regal Palms in a white and navy, another dress up, dress down top.

So next time you go shopping and you pick up a piece ask yourself what do you have in your wardrobe that will work with the new piece. You will save yourself some money and time by following my simple little rule......

Except for a few other pieces I am set for this season. Now I am on the hunt for a couple of cute and comfy maxi dresses!!!  I will keep you posted!!

BTW: Talbot.s is having a 30% off all their regular priced tops right now so don't miss out!!